In the Autumn of 1982, a group of friends gathered to form The Phoenix Theatre Company. Most of the early members were previously members of Church Road Parent Teachers’ Association, who, as one of their many activities, had performed Pantomimes in the School Hall to swell the PTA funds!  As there were interested parties who wished to continue as a dramatic entity, it was decided to form an independent society. Almost inevitably the name for the new society was The Phoenix Theatre Company - a new society arising from the ashes of the old.

Over the years, our society grew and since 1982, we have performed some 94 plays (including theatre suppers and theatre dinners), the actors and plays winning many prestigious awards along the way.  The majority of these performances were held at our previous venue Chorley Old Road United Reform Church, but sadly, in 2003, the church and its hall were demolished and since that time, we have been performing wherever we can hire premises.

This, as can be appreciated, eats into our funds before we even consider which plays to perform!  Seeking a permanent venue is far from easy, as there are many aspects to consider – some obvious, some less so - but we continue to be hopeful of finding something, somewhere, and any suggestions regarding this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks for supporting Phoenix Theatre Company.

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